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With JotLines 2.0, we have come up with this new feature for our users. Now you can also request notes of your subjects


We at JotLines give all our contributors an equal opportunity to be rewarded for their contribution. Check payments section for details


We are allowing you to become a part of our mission and enjoy this great journey by being a contributor

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To ensure quality content, every notes are scrutinized by our admin team and upon approval are being made available to you.

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An initiative to make study notes available for students in any language & collaborate your knowledge across other students, friends & many more

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Frequently asked questions

What is Jotlines?

Jotlines is an initiative taken to help students make their notes available on their subjects on any language

How much is your app?

The app comes totally free of cost. We do not charge anything

Can anyone use the app?

Although our app is mainly focused on school and college students for notes gathering and sharing. But feel free to use it, everyone is welcome in our platform.

How did the idea come about?

We got inspired from our home. As we faced challenges in our college and school days to collect notes, we thought of bringing a centralized platform where students can request for what notes they want and help them achieve their study needs